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Services offered by Scholarships Department

Scholarships are grants of money to help pay for the cost for your study. Scholarships and grants are available from educational institutions, AusAid, NGO’s and local governments among others. Through gaining a scholarship students can finance their education in an inexpensive way. Scholarships are highly competitive, especially those available to international students and consequently to have any chance of winning one a student needs to work extremely hard. There are many scholarships available, and not all of them require you to prove you’re the most academically gifted person but they are incredibly competitive. 100% scholarship is hardly granted. So, it is not going to cover everything. You cannot study for free. If you’re lucky enough to get a rare full scholarship, you’ll still have to find money for your travel, food, books, health insurance, phone calls and entertainment.

You can have a look beyond your university. A complete list of scholarships can be found on many websites, including those awarded by private foundations, or government bodies in the host country or your own country (such as the Department of Education). Check carefully to see if you’re eligible – many have nationality, course or age restrictions. Scholarship Process may require a letter or essay explaining why you deserve this particular scholarship. There should be a presentation of all genuine reasons with clarification. List all your relevant achievements, not just the academic results but also community work, career experience and awards.

Felix Eastern Educational Consultancy Pvt.Ltd. can help you with scholarship applications, talk to us if you want help finding the best scholarship option for you.

Quality education abroad is a goal pursued by many, but due to lack of funds, this thought becomes a little weak. This is when scholarships and other financial aids come into the picture. Scholarships provide you a common ground for competition irrespective of whether or not you are financially equipped. Financing your studies with scholarships is not easy, and you might get overwhelmed with so many options. An overseas education counsellor provides you professional assistance to navigate your way to the right university. Here’s how our career advisors can help you avail scholarships.

  1. Identifying the Right Type

Merit-based Scholarships

The merit-based scholarships are offered by many federal and state governments, local businesses, professional organizations, large corporations, universities, social and religious organizations. These are usually based on academic merit. However, there are also many peculiar scholarships offered to students with exceptional skills, extracurricular achievements and interests. For example, sports-based scholarships are given to students who have proven records of excellence in any particular sport. The student need not enroll in a sports-based course to avail such scholarship. Our counselors help you identify your skills and accentuate them in your scholarship application.

Need-based Scholarships (Grants)

Many organizations and universities provide need based aid to academically eligible students coming from monetarily underprivileged backgrounds. These scholarships tend to be highly competitive for which the students have to demonstrate their financial need through factors like assets and income of the student and his/her family. If you have such financial need, our counselors help you to identify universities having lower tuition fees, generous financial aid or a combination of both.

Facilitating with Scholarship Application

Applying within Time

“A stitch in time saves nine”-the ideal time to start looking for a scholarship is soon after you decide on your study destination and once you’ve shortlisted the programs. If you wait until the last moment, then you might have a tough time finding one. Our vast database of programs provides numerous options for scholarships for your easy reference. Our counselors will save your considerable time and efforts by identifying appropriate universities and programs offering scholarships, making you apply within deadlines and processing your application with the universities.

Availing the Scholarship

After the successful processing of your application, the university sends confirmation of your admission. Our counselors coordinate with the university to help you with the formalities involved in availing the granted funding that can be shown by you at the time of applying for the student visa. With the assistance of our experienced consultants, who have a good knowledge on the nuances of educational funding, you can avail the right scholarships as per your eligibility.)