Managing DIrector's Message - Felix Eastern Educational Consultancy, Nepal

Managing DIrector’s Message

Dear Prospective Students,

Felix Eastern has been established with a vision to provide students with study options in various popular destinations throughout the world and to be one of the leading recruiter of international students in Nepal.

We have a strong base in the market which is based on the reputation rather than marketing. Students’ career is our prime concern and we believe in building trust by providing the best through our customized services. We guide students at every step, right from counseling and visa assistance to pre-departure. Our services extend to assist the students even when they reach their dream destination.

Felix Eastern is in a pathway to become one of the top Education Consultants in Nepal. We have a strong team of employees who strive to give as much as possible personalized & professional services to our clients. Our counselors are well trained to provide the advice to students on career in demand and also they try to match it with student’s profile. The dedication of our team assures the success of our students. We will provide you with facts and genuine information, to give you a realistic idea of the culture and the standard of the educational system you are about to enter.

We have several partner colleges and Universities throughout the world with numerous courses and programs. You can choose the best suited with your career profile.

I strongly recommend students & parents to take advantage of professional services provided by Felix Eastern and experience the difference. At the end, I would like to suggest you to contact our educational counselors who will be more than happy to discuss your educational goal and shape your future with you.

I wish you all the best in your academic endeavors.

Bishal Kuikel
Managing Director